Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arab Girls are Becoming Slutty - My Response

Researching the Arab world is so much fun and extremely intellectual. People in the Arab world are generally extremists and they can only see in black or white, never have shades of gray. I was looking for the actual meaning of Slut when I couldn't help but click on the title found through the search results, Arab girls are becoming slutty. The blog post was written by an angry "rebellious" female who is convinced that she is right and everyone who disagrees is wrong. This is a typical case of a typical Arab individual. As I always say, there are exceptions to every rule.

The post is as follows:

Arab girls are becoming slutty..

Well well.. now this is a controversial topic I am starting. Well, here is the thing. I have been browsing the net lately for friends sites. I know lots of people, but I don’t talk to them because they piss me off. However, I find their profiles on some sites and they are

fucking slutty. They wear practically nothing and wear bikinis to the beach or pools. It’s normal for them. I look at them and wonder why the hell their parents say their daughters are pure angels. What’s so angelic about showing your ass to the world? Seriously.. what are they doing? We all know they are bitches but proving to the word they are bitches and slutty is too much. Furthermore, you got to love the part that said Drinks and Smokes socially. lol Now that is hilarious, and for a fact I know some are not virgins either cuz they had numerous boyfriends who are pure pimps, clubbers and drunks. People say the Arab world is bad, but here they are 100 times worse but not as obvious cuz they do it all behind the scenes.
Also for Arab guys. If I see a picture of you in a club with a beer in one hand and a slut on the other hand then don’t bother messaging me. I have no interest in talking to you and we have nothing in common!
So what I am thinking is that I should seriously move to no man land; where I am the empress and ruler and whom ever wants to become a permanent resident of my empire must be decent human being with self respect and morals. I am not mentioning all these because it is against my religion or culture. No, but I cannot stand people who drink. It’s just I hate it. Even those who smoke. It actually makes me ill to smell it. Most people who meet me think I am too open minded and I drink and always have a boyfriend in my arm.. but no. I am total opposite. I just want to have fun in life and I don’t need any substances or any crap to be “liked” or be part of the “clique”. It’s all shit I swear. I don’t know where all the decent human beings out there has gone, but the world we are living in has become infatuated with low life sluts and ass holes.
So to join my empire you need a historical list of not being a slut and a drunk.. Who is part of the 0.00001%?

As a start, I read the entire WARNING POST she posted and I was impressed by the level of stubbornness and anger she suffers from. Also I was confused by her contradiction and hypocrisy.

I would like to share a few samples of what she has shared with the world in her blog about her opinions and her. First, you must all know her name is Mona, a Muslim from Palestine.

"If I don’t reply to, then don’t take offense by it. I am just a bad person who probably didn’t like what you asked. Can you blame me?... I am sick and tired of people judging me by my site’s title... I am sick and tired of people thinking that if I don’t listen to them or agree with them, that I am a very horrible person and should be ridiculed some more... I am not ANYONE and I am a very stubborn opinionated person... I love people! However, I dislike morons and closed minded individuals... My faith is for me to live by, for me to follow, and for me only as a human being... I never judge anyone. I don’t care. It’s not my problem... I am very Arabic. My way of life is very conservative. I don’t go out much. I never been to clubs, bars, dancing, etc. I don’t do anything... I view my self as a really good person, and I never in a million years thought of doing anything that opposes my religion or culture as a whole."

As a well formulated person who uses Blogger humbly just to share information, experiences and opinions I had to share this with my fellow readers. She is constantly contradicting what she's doing with her beliefs. She is sick of people judging her when all she did in her article is judge others, and she mentions that she doesn't judge anyone. She is a very stubborn opinionated person but she doesn't like closed minded individuals. I must admit, she is a typical very Arabic girl.

I also feel the need to clarify meanings to words she misused.

SLUT - A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. A woman prostitute. Slut is a pejorative term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous. The term is generally applied to women and used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning "dirty or slovenly."[1] It may also be used as an expression of pride in one's status, or to express envy at the sexual successes of others.

MORON - is a term used in psychology to denote a category of mental retardation.

REBELLION - Disobedience or revolt.

Now I shall start. I understand the main niche of her website, she is a rebel, a typical Arab rebel. I am, however, confused because she talks about sluts and disrespect when she is constantly calling names and cursing others for their own lifestyle. A person should understand that we are born in a free world where a person can literally change religions, friends, work and family. Every person has a distinctive personality and I respect that she has her own. But it's always said and known that one's freedom ends when it's on the expense of another's freedom. I don't see how being "promiscuous" behind the scenes is a bad thing and even worse than being a slut out in the open. When a girl is being a slut behind the scenes, this shows respect for her culture or society or it might also show fear of her own mistakes. After all, they're her own mistakes and I think everyone is aware of what they're doing as long as they're rational normal human beings.

Mona is calling every girl who goes out and dances as a slut. This is where my argument falls, it doesn't make sense. Some people love dancing and enjoying their time to the max, that doesn't make them people who are having random sex with everyone. And when a girl is a non virgin, this doesn't mean that she's a bitch nor that her boyfriend is a pimp. A non virgin girl can be non virgin as an outcome of sexual activity with a boyfriend in a long term relationship with feelings and emotions. Such relationships can result in a happy marriage and an eternal life with an amazing husband and amazing children.

I am a Muslim and I must say, if I have to say that Mona is right all men are pimps because they like to sleep with many girls, remember how many wives Prophet Mohammad had. He was not a pimp but he had many woman as his wives.

Also swim suits are mentioned. I go out with many girl "friends" I have and when we go to a beach I don't think they wear swim suits just to get guys sleeping with them, meaning that they're not sluts.

I understand that she has a point that sultry is increasing in the Arab world but this is only in the meaning and true meaning of sultry, it doesn't mean girls dancing and guys drinking will end up in a huge sexual orgy because the girls are sluts and the guys are drunken pimps.

She doesn't like drinking or smoking, then she has no right whatsoever to judge an entire group of smokers and drinkers. She doesn't go out much, then don't judge who do go out.

I have a question, a girl drinks with her family, and then smokes at a cafe with her girlfriends, and then she is engaged to a man, they go out to clubs and dance in weddings. Does that make her a slut? Are those shameful acts?

I strongly suggest she opens her mind a bit to the world we live in and try to experience life from all aspects. After all no one can understand the joy or hate of something done unless they experience it themselves.

I am not judging her, instead I am proving that she is judging the book by the cover and misreading the entire title. Respect comes from within, if you don't respect yourself, you can't respect people. If you don't appreciate yourself, you can't appreciate people. If you don't love yourself, you can't love people.

If Mona doesn't care what I write, other people care. That's the beauty of having different opinions. As much as I oppose to her opinions because she is generalizing, I respect that she has a mind of her own. That's why I took the time, effort and care to write this blog in response to her post.

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