Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are Men and Women Equal?

Men and women can never be equal. I wrote a very interesting article about equality between men and woman and how to be able to reach the closest to “equality”. I put it between quotations because I didn’t literally mean equality, it meant more like harmony. You can find the article HERE.

In the west, almost all countries have made it clear that woman have the "same exact equal" rights as men. Whereas, in the middle east, women have very little rights compared to men. This is due to religion.

Personally I’m against both. Because women and men can never be equal, and also they both have the same rights. Having the same rights doesn’t mean reaching equality. Equality between men and women is almost impossible physically, emotionally and mentally. Not forgetting that there is no gender superior to the other.

In Islam, a man has the right to marry 4 women. A man has the power to end the marriage whenever he feels like it by saying one word. In every religion, men have more rights and more power over women. Let’s take a quick look at all three religions or at all other religions. In every single one of them, the messenger is a male, the holy figure is a male, God is a male. Of course there are few exceptions, but this is the case in general. Is that fair? Is it true?

I believe men and women have the same exact rights in this world because we live in the same world and we support each others’ existence. Without men, women can’t survive. And without women, men can’t survive at all. So basically we are not equal, we complete each other to make life equal. And when it comes to rights, we must have the same exact rights in this world.

All over the world, it’s believed that men are superior to women. Men get promotions, men get paid more, men rule, and men decide, men choose, men create, men buy, men sell and men have their way. Everything shows that men have more rights. There are many organizations run by men and women fighting this phenomenon, but my only complaint about them is that they speak of equality rather than reserving the same rights for men and women.