Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creator Of Facebook Group Allah (الله) Arrested. Islam Criticizer Walid Husayin

(المقال باللغة العربية في آخر الصفحة)

Walid Huseyin ArrestedAfter all he was very stupid to think he can get away with creating a group called Allah (الله) and starts altering verses from the Holy Quran and renouncing Islam in his own twisted ways pretending to be God himself.

26-years-old Walid Husayin, a Palestinian living in Qalqiliya West Bank, was leading a double life. His family is conservative, he used to pray and help his dad in his barbershop; however, in his free time, he was pretending to be God and posting anti-Islam rants on Facebook by creating groups, he also had a blog that had the same content.

Millions of users around the world have posted hate messages to all his Facebook groups and his blog, few others were happy encouraging the continuation of this sick phenomenon.

Although Facebook has removed the first group he created, it didn’t stop him from creating two other groups of the same nature with more aggressive content and posts.

He was finally arrested for several religious accusations. What’s ironic is that authorities did not spy on the creator of the page to arrest him, it was all a coincidence that they found out it was him. All listed below.

More details on the story and arrest:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Coming Soon” A Worldwide Banned Film That Sparked A Bestiality-Rights Revolution

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Coming Soon Beastiality Zoophilia

The name of the film is “COMING SOON.” Genre – Documentary. 100 minutes playtime featuring 50 Czechs, 2 Germans, 1 Englishman and Dozens of Animals.

This is by far the most controversial film I have ever seen in my life that shows the true nature of practicing Bestiality  and raises many questions.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Call It Stalking, We Call It Love…

Stalking LoveFunny how cultures extremely differ in such matters as stalking is considered a very serious matter in the west that can lead to pressing charges against one another and one can be labeled as a stalker publicly by the authorities.

However, in an Arab world, being a stalker in the actual meaning of a stalker is very much normal. It shows care and effort for attention. It goes for both, guys and girls. when a guy is interested in a girl, he gets her phone numbers, sends SMS, befriends her friends, cruises outside her house and goes to wherever she goes just for attention and YES it works. Same goes for girls. And still, this is only the beginning. When things evolve and they get in a relationship, they literally call eachother all the time, constantly talk, no privacy, they exchange passwords for emails and all the rest, they get into eachother’s accounts without the other knowing etc…

Tuesday, November 2, 2010