Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Call It Stalking, We Call It Love…

Stalking LoveFunny how cultures extremely differ in such matters as stalking is considered a very serious matter in the west that can lead to pressing charges against one another and one can be labeled as a stalker publicly by the authorities.

However, in an Arab world, being a stalker in the actual meaning of a stalker is very much normal. It shows care and effort for attention. It goes for both, guys and girls. when a guy is interested in a girl, he gets her phone numbers, sends SMS, befriends her friends, cruises outside her house and goes to wherever she goes just for attention and YES it works. Same goes for girls. And still, this is only the beginning. When things evolve and they get in a relationship, they literally call eachother all the time, constantly talk, no privacy, they exchange passwords for emails and all the rest, they get into eachother’s accounts without the other knowing etc…

I must admit that this behavior is generally not healthy for both the guy and the girl in any culture, but if this is not done in an Arab relationship, something must be wrong. Either one of them starts doubting the other or thinks that the other is not interested anymore. So this drags the behavior (that is called stalking in the west) back to being perfectly normal.

Stalking the one you love in the west is considered an invasion of privacy, offence or crime! I do understand that if stalking reached to an unpleasant level one has to be careful and report that person, but after a warning or something like that.

So far I don’t think my post is pretty clear. Well, all I am trying to say is, since 90% of my readers are from the west, when you’re an Arab in love, if you don’t stalk the person you love or vice versa, love doesn’t exist! Shocking but true. Just be reminded that stalking in the Middle East very rarely reaches an extreme level where the stalker would cause a threat or continue after receiving a clear warning to stop.