Friday, February 20, 2009

The Arrivals - Review

The Arrivals is a series of short videos that are aimed to show us all the religious signs that prove the foundation of all requirements for the existence of the Anti-Christ, Al Mahdi and the second coming of the Christ. Each episode proves a point.

The claim to have researched the Holy Quran, the Bible and the Torah. I watched most episodes and none of them show any evidence from the Bible or the Torah, only the Holy Quran. I wasn't very pleased at them using some sexual images to prove some points.

Recently they had been threatened and hacked by an unknown person, but they fixed the issue. I was confused because they provide strong evidences on the Islam religion forgetting the other two. I see this project as a project to brain wash the Middle Eastern Muslims into believing that the end is approaching. This can have a great impact on a large scale.

Some videos are posted in YouTube and others are posted on their website, The Wake Up Project. The name is a bit direct, I personally like it, but I expected more informative information than just providing theoretical connection between Islam and the end of the world. After watching their episodes, if I was not aware of the whole propaganda, I would've left everything behind and dedicated my self solely to religion.

I am not against Islam as I am a Muslim myself. But I am very disapproving to showing the extreme part of it where everyone should be convinced that Islam is their only choice and the others are Kuffar/Non Believers. I believe God has introduced us to three religions for a reason, if you look at them and study them closely you will find out that they are targeting the same God, but using different methods to reach out to him.

Back to The Arrivals. I believe that it's another way to show the extreme side of us to the West. The West will create more foundations and organizations like Memri TV to fight it. In The Arrivals, they mention that Islam is a peaceful religion that fills the world with understanding and harmony. This is true, as every other religion believes the same too.

People in the Middle East, especially Muslims, they feel extra powerful and more victimized when they watch such videos creating a very ugly image about other religions in their minds. While people in the West create more protection and hold more anger toward Middle Easterns after watching such videos.

They used the English language to directly deliver the message and intimidate Westerners. The West, if approached properly, can form an amazing image about Islam and the Middle East. The Arrivals doesn't do that. What was more shocking to me is knowing that the people who created this project live in the West.

What do you think of such project? Who will it affect? Why is it made?

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